Visitor information

Helios Plaza LobbyPlanning a visit to BP’s Helios Plaza? Here’s some useful information.


Badges must be worn and visible at all times.

Visitors must present a photo ID to obtain a visitor badge from the visitors check-in area located in the ground-floor lobby of Helios Plaza.

Everyone at the WestLake campus is required to be familiar with the campus safety and security procedures.

To prevent visitor delays at security, hosts are encouraged to register their visitors prior to arrival at:


Visitor parking and passenger pick-up/drop-off areas

Visitors and guests to Helios Plaza traveling via taxicabs, limousines, shuttles can be dropped off at two locations:

  1. South Entrance - The south visitors entrance to Helios Plaza is accessed via the center south entrance to the parking garage on Grisby Road. Visitor parking is available in the marked areas of the Helios Plaza garage.
  2. Employee parking - Entrances are located at Grisby Road and Helios Way. Reserved parking spaces are available for expectant mothers, handicapped, hybrid/electric vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, carpools and vanpools.

Employees and visitors are expected to comply with all garage rules, including:

  • Observe the 10-mph speed limit, 5-mph at crosswalks
  • Fasten seatbelts
  • Turn on headlights
  • No use of cellphones or other communication devices
  • No backing into parking spots